International Summer Program, SNU
On-Campus Housing (Dormitory)
1) Important Notice
  • * Dormitory housing is not guaranteed for all students as there are limited spots available. Rooms are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis to students who request during register period.
  • * Roommates will be allotted randomly, but students who wish to occupy a room together can have this arranged by requesting beforehand by e-mail.
2) Mandatory documentation needed for dormitory
※ Applicants for the International Summer Program at SNU who want to apply for on-campus dormitory are not required to submit the necessary medical documents at the time of their application. The required medical documents can be submitted separately via email ( after we have requested them.
As a student accommodation facility, ANY Korean campus dormitories must abide Korean government's regulations.
The documentation checks for:
1) Measles (Immunizations or antibody test results, refer to the attachment) 2) Tuberculosis (PPD or Chest X-Ray)
: You need to visit your local health provider to get your immunization files or antibody checked and get the attached file stamped. Without official seal/stamp, the document can not be accepted.
Gwanak Residence Hall does NOT accept your immunization certificate paper as proof, as the format varies by countries.
The test should not be more than 6 months old at the time of registration. For example, if you apply in January 2024, the test result from June 2023 or older can not be accepted.
* Please don’t leave your student ID blank. Write down your contact information in Korea or your country.
The SNU Dormitory, Gwanak Residence Hall, is located in SNU’s Gwanak campus and is within walking distance from classrooms, the library, and cafeterias.
* Location: Address : 1, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, 08826, Korea
3) Dormitory Info
(This may change according to the current status of each dormitory building)
Room Type
  • double-occupancy
  • each room is shared by SNU International Summer Program (ISP) students.
Individual rooms are equipped with
Desk & Chair
Shared mini-refrigerator
*a blind that separates the area between the two beds
*We will lend you a wifi-router free of charge during your stay
Shoe rack
(sheets, pillow, blanket)
* We will be providing bedding and pillows free of charge.
Room Type
  • Cooking area(located on each floor) :
    equipped with a single-burner portable induction stove and microwave
    cooking utensils not provided
  • Laundry area(Bldg.900~903: 1st floor, 904~905: 1st floor, 7th floor):
    You can use the washing machine and dryer by paying the fee Irons and Ironing Boards can be used freely
    *Detergent and Fabric Softners not provided
  • Drying area:
    There are multiple drying racks in the drying area located on each floor

※ Except for hair dryers, using of heating appliances and flammable materials is prohibited within the dorm.

On-Campus Housing (Haom Faculty House)
1) Important Notice
  • *Hoam Faculty House has very limited spots available. It will be another option provided only for the students who have applied for on-campus housing in their applications. Therefore if your wish to stay in the Hoam Faculty House you MUST apply for on-campus housing(dormitory) in your application. Once the application is submitted we will provide a separate link to survey students who would like to upgrade their on-campus housing to the Hoam Faculty House.
2) Price
1,200,000 KRW per student.
(for 33 nights: June 24 2024 to July 27 2024)
2) Room Info
Standard Twin room with two single beds.

Off-Campus Housing
Here are a list of general types of off-campus housing options,
  • 1.Studio ("One-Room")
    • - A studio apartment (aka "one-room" or "office-tel" in Korean) is a fully-furnished, single room apartment with a toilet/shower and kitchen.
    • - The monthly rent: From ₩300,000 to ₩600,000 per month.
      ※ However, there is a significant deposit to be paid so studio apartments are recommended for those who plan to stay for at least 6 months in Korea.
    • - The deposit: From ₩2,000,000 up to ₩10,000,000.
      You will always get the deposit back when you leave as long as you have kept the place in reasonable condition.
  • 2.Goshiwon
    • - You will always get the deposit back when you leave as long as you have kept the place in reasonable condition.
    • - Goshiwon is a very small room rented monthly by students or workers. Goshiwon rooms are very basic and small but the rent is very cheap.(The bathroom and kitchen are shared)
    • - The rent: From ₩200,000 to ₩600,000.
  • 3.Boarding House
    • - In a typical Korean boarding house (aka "Hasukjib" in Korean), rooms are private and small but the kitchen and bathrooms are shared – much like goshiwons.The main difference between the two is that boarding houses provide residents with ★two meals★ a day.
    • - The rent: (Including meals)From ₩500,000 to ₩800,000.
  • 4.Checkmate (Managed By SNU Students)
  • 5.Rent Or Sharehouse
  • 5.Homestay (Gwanak-Gu Areas)
    • - Application period : All year round - Eligibility : Enrolled (or prospective) foreign SNU students
    • - Online application : (For Foreigners → Homestay → Application)
    • - Inquiries : (Department of External Relations, Gwanak-gu Office) / Download