Application Procedure

International Summer Program, SNU
Online Application
Application &
Document Screening
Course Registration
Receive Invoice
Receive a
Confirmation E-mail
Online Application Procedure
Prepare for Required Documents
  1. Profile Photo
    : Attach the photo of you to your online application
  2. Passport
    : Upload a digital copy of the information page of your passport in the online application
  3. Official Academic Transcript (or Letter of Enrollment for High School Graduates)
    : Upload a scanned copy in the online application
※ Applicants who want to apply for on-campus dormitory are not required to submit the necessary medical documents at the time of their application. We will request them separately via e-mail around the end of May.
(Letter of Enrollment, Proof of eligibility for scholarships and medical documents )
File an Online Application
  1. Go to Online Application (Non-SNU Students)
  2. Create an account and consent to privacy policy. Enter your e-mail address as ID, which will be used as the main contact information of yours during SNU International Summer Program (ISP).
    ※ Don't forget - Your application is submitted properly only after you click "submit" at the bottom of the online application.
If you need more time to complete the online application, you can always "save" and return later. The option to "save" is at the bottom of the online application. You can log into the online application again by using the log-in account.
Application& Document Screening
  1. After you submit a complete online application, SNU International Summer Program (ISP) will review your application
  2. If we need additional documents or paper work that needs to be filled, we will contact you via e-mail.
  3. The Application Fee of 200,000KRW will be requested with your total invoice after you have finished your course registration, so you will not have make payments at this stage.
  1. Register for courses. (Detailed instruction will be given through e-mail.)
  2. Upon completion of course registration, tuition invoice will be e-mailed.
  3. Upon completion of tuition payment, your course registration will be finalized.
    Course registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and those who complete all four steps above will be registered first.