Do I need to be fluent in English/Korean or do I need official test scores ex) TOEFL or TOEIC?

You don't necessarily need to be fluent in Korean. However, if you study a bit before coming, it might make your daily life outside of school easier.
In terms of English, since all classes and communication with ISP Staffs are conducted in English, you'll need a reasonable level of proficiency to communicate effectively and participate in classes without difficulty. But we don’t require any official test scores so don’t worry.

I am graduating Highschool next summer can I apply for the ISP?

Yes, but only if you have been accepted in an undergraduate program at a university and is planning to enroll coming fall. You must submit a letter of enrollment for verification instead of transcripts.

I am currently a graduate student, can I apply for the ISP?

Yes, graduate students are welcome to apply. However it is recommended to consult with your advisor and department as the number of courses at the graduate level may be limited.

I am graduating in the spring semester can I apply for that year's ISP?
Unfortunately No. If you are not enrolled in a university during the program period you are not eligible to apply for the ISP.
How many semesters should I have taken to apply for the ISP?
There are no specific requirements regarding the number of semesters you need to have completed. You just need to be officially enrolled in the university or graduate school. However, please do consider the time required for credit transfers and plan your graduation accordingly when applying.
Are there any minimun grade/GPA requirements?
Don’t worry there is no specific minimum GPA requirement.
Do I have to submit the original(official) copies of transcript?
Yes please. Please upload the official transcript or E-transcript when you apply. This is to verify that you are actually enrolled in your home university at the time of applying.
How do I find out about my application results?
We will e-mail you regarding the results.
What is the Application process like?
Once you have successfully submitted your application through the website, our team will proceed with the review of your application and documents. Upon completing the review and determining that there are no issues with your application, we will send you an email providing guidance on course registration. If you receive the course registration email, you can rest assured that your application has been successfully received, and there are no problems with your documents. However, please be mindful that the registration process is considered complete only after you have successfully completed the payment through the invoice issued after course registration.
How do I add a course or make any changes after I submit my applicaion?
If you are willing to change(add/drop) courses after the course registration, please send us the request through our e-mail before May 12 and we will assist you from there.
If you wish to make any changes regarding dormitory or field trip choices please also send us a request through our e-mail by May 27.
Do the course list change every year?
Yes, the course list is not fixed and some courses are added/dropped every year.
Can I take just one class?
No of course you are welcome to take more classes. You can take up to 3 course(9 credits). Check what courses are available here:
My School only accepts letter grades. Can you change S/U grades to an equivalent alphabet grades?
No unfortunately all grades are final. Therefore please check the syllabus and grading criteria and your home institution's credit transfer policy beforehand.
When and where can I receive my grades from ISP?
You can print your grades from the SNU Website (Mysnu) page once the grading is completed; around August.
What is the typical class schedule?
For the ISP there are two types of course. A 2 credit course it equivalents to 30 hours and a 3 credit course equivalents to 45 hours of study hours.
For the accurate class schedule please refer to the following page.
How do I pay for the ISP?
Once you have finished your course registration, we will send you an invoice via flywire through email. (How do I make a payment to my institution? – Flywire)
How do I know my payment has been successfully been transferred?
Once you have finalized your payment through flywire, you will receive an email with a tracking link where you can check the status of your payment up to date.
In addition, for any inquires regarding payment please contact the flywire CS team for more detailed and prompt instructions. You can e-mail, call or utilize the chat box on the website. Flywire
What is K-ETA and How I apply for it?
K-ETA(Korea Elctronic Travel Authrization) is online-approval system you need to apply at least 72hours before you arrive in Korea; Check your eligibility here;
Do I need to get a visa to attend the program?
Many countries have a visa exemption agreement with Korea, which allows up to 90-day visa-free stay in Korea.
To check your country's visa exemption status, visitKorea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
For students from countries without or with visa exemption agreement that is shorter than our program period, you need a D-2 visa (a short-term student visa) to attend our program.

Since additional or different documents might be required and application submission method might differ depending upon which Korean Embassy you will go to, so please check with the Korean Embassy where you are planning to apply for your visa. SNU SNU International Summer Program (ISP) will assist in providing additional documentation needed. Please email us at
Visa issuance can take up to a month, and it is highly recommended that students who need a visa complete their registration at SNU as early as possible.
How can I get credit transfer?
Credit transfer is up to your home institution's policy. Therefore we highly advise students to carefully plan ahead of course registration and consult with school advisory s. We provide you with the course title, course code, syllabus, With these information and documents, you can initiate discussions with your home institution for credit transfer consideration before the ISP.
After the ISP you can submit your transcript to your home institution and follow their credit transfer procedure.

1. For students approaching their graduation semester, we recommend considering the time required for credit transfer and applying for the program accordingly.
I'm having difficulty viewing/issuing/printing my transcript.
We gently advise you to try the following methods:
1. Please check if the popup blocker is disabled in your internet browser settings and, if necessary, disable it.
2. If an error pop-ups like this : Click “Issue” and install OZViewers and MarkAny Inc. epagesafer. (Click “다운로드” to download the setup files.)

3. Try through different browsers
4. Please disable the pop-up blocker in your browser.

If you still have errors regarding transcript issuance please contact the ISP Team via E-mail or Phone with a screenshot of the error page.
How do I apply for postal service?
You can apply for postal service by following the procedure below.

mySNU login → ‘Get Certificates’ → ‘Receive by Post’ → Select options → Input postal address → Complete the online request → Transfer the fee for delivery, printing, and optional sealing to the designated bank account → Requested certificates are sent one business day after the fees are transferred
Is the dormitory offered to everyone?
No, Dormitory rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited availability. Therefore, we recommend that students who wish to stay in the dormitory apply early. Dormitory fees can be found here: (Accomodation)
Do we need to prepare medical documents in advance?
No don’t worry. You do not need to submit separate documents at the time of applying for ISP or dormitory. Once your dormitory placement is confirmed we will provide separate instructions for submission.
Can I choose my own roommate.
The dormitory assignment is random. However, if you wish to share a room with a specific friend, please inform the staff in advance.
Does the dormitory include a meal plan?
Unfortunately No, Dormitory fee does not include a meal plan. Students can utilize the school cafeterias and they cost around 6-8 dollars per meal in average.
What facility and utensils are offered at the dormitory?
1) Each room is equipped with: Bed, desk, bookshelf, chair, wardrobe, blinds, roller screen, air conditioner, small refrigerator, shoe rack, bathroom, shower, etc. In addition the ISP Team will provide you with bedding, pillow.
(Personal items to prepare: toiletries, other personal belongings)
※ Except for hair dryers, using of heating appliances and flammable materials is prohibited within the dorm.

2) There are three types of shared spaces within the building
- Cooking room: Induction stove, microwave, etc. (located on each floor)
- Drying room: Drying rack (located on each floor)
- Laundry room: Washing machine, dryer, iron, ironing board, etc.
(900-903 buildings on the 1st floor of each building, 904-905 buildings on the 1st floor of each building, located on two floors on the 7th floor)

This may change according to the current status of each dormitory building.
What kind of off-housing options do you offer?
Please refer to the following page:
However, the ISP Team does not arrange or take care of any off-campus housing and all responsibilities are up to the individual student.
What kind of Extracurricular activities do you offer?
There are SNU-fun Events like sports events, games, K-pop dance, movie nights, and more (free of cost) and there are regular customized field trips every Friday. To attend field trips you must apply in advance during the ISP application period and make the payments to confirm your spot.
How long does the field trip take?
It usually starts at 9am and ends before 6pm. However the time varies according to the itinerary of each field trip and its location.