Campus Facility

International Summer Program, SNU
Libraries And Learning Facilities
SNU Library
SNU Library is the largest domestic university library. It has over 5.3 million volumes, 14,000 academic journals, 33,000 electronic journals and 260,000 titles of non-book materials. It is also equipped with a number of comfortable reading (studying) rooms, IT facilities, multimedia plazas, a theatre, computer labs and group study rooms. For entry, S-Card must be scanned or presented to the staff.
Libraries Of Each College
Study Rooms And Lounges On Campus
  • Education Information Center (Bldg. 10-1)
    Facilities: large lecture halls, seminar rooms, multimedia lecture halls, educational study rooms, information search rooms, the educational information center, language center and multimedia computer rooms
  • Education Center (Bldg. 12)
    Facilities: large lecture halls, seminar rooms, multimedia lecture halls, large lab rooms, multipurpose cooperation rooms,a book cafe and professor office.
  • Shinyang Humanities (Bldg. 4)
    Facilities: book cafe, Internet cafe, group study zone and computer lab Note: Group study zones are available only to 6 or more students as a group. To use one of the spaces, please submit your S-Card to the guard on the 1F. A group can use one space for 3 hours.
  • Shinyang Engineering (Bldg. 44-1)
    Facilities: Computer labs, Internet cafe, printing room, reading room, seminar room, group activity room
  • Shinyang Social Sciences (Bldg. 16-1)
    Facilities: Convenience store, Blue Elephant(restaurant), cafe, lounge, computer lab, female students lounge, lecture rooms, seminar rooms
  • SNU Information Systems & Technology (Bldg. 102)
    Room. 101 I-Space, 24 Hours PC Lab
    Room. 102 3D Printing Room
    Room. 204  
    Internet, USB/Audio port,
    CD R/W, DVD Combo, Licensed S/W Installation
    PCs only
    Room. 206 Printer (black and white), Copying Machine
    Room. 208 Printer (colored, black and white)
    Room 209 Laptop Uses Available
    Room. 210 IT Service Center / Rental of SW, Laptops and Camcorders
    Room. 211 Scanner, Flat Slide/Film
    Room. 212 Editing of Multimedia files, Macintosh
A bookstore is located at the Student Center where students can go to conveniently purchase books they need for courses.
  • Location : Bldg 63, 2F
  • Contact : +82-2-880-8581
  • Operation Hours
    Weekdays 08:30~19:00/Saturday 10:00~17:00/Sundays and holidays Closed