International Summer Program, SNU
Payment Method
Program fee payment deadline for 2024 SNU International Summer Program (ISP) is May 12, 2024.
  • 1. After you complete course registration, the invoice of all the fees required (Application Fee, Tuition fee, Dormitory and Field Trip Fees (for those who have applied)) will be e-mailed.
  • 2. SNU International Summer Program (ISP) accepts payment of program fees via Flywire.
  • 3. If, due to unavoidable circumstances, payment through Flywire is difficult, please email us at, and we will guide you on the wire transfer method. However, please note that wire transfer may take a bit more time, and the process can be more complex.
  • All bank transaction fees and charges should be fully covered by the student. (Any deficit from program fees will be respectively charged.)

Refund Policy

To withdraw from the SNU International Summer Program (ISP) and request for a refund of tuition, students must send a written notice to the SNU International Summer Program (ISP). SNU International Summer Program (ISP) will process the refund in accordance with the SNU International Summer Program (ISP) refund policy outlined below, and the refund rate will be decided by the date that a complete, official written request for refund is received.
Fee Type Refund Request by Refund Rate
Application Fee Non-refundable
Tuition Fee Until 12 May (Korean Standard Time) 100%
13 May – 2nd day of your class (Korean Standard Time) 50%
Afterwards 0%
Housing Fee Until 27 May (Korean Standard Time) -
Extra Curriculum Activities Until 27 May (Korean Standard Time) -