International Summer Program, SNU
Many countries have a visa exemption agreement with Korea, which allows up to 90-day visa-free stay in Korea.
To check your country's visa exemption status, visit Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website
For students from countries without or with visa exemption agreement that is shorter than our program period, you need a D-2 visa (a short-term student visa) to attend our program. Since additional or different documents might be required and application submission method might differ depending upon which Korean Embassy you will go to, so please check with the Korean Embassy where you are planning to apply for your visa. SNU SNU International Summer Program (ISP) will assist in providing additional documentation needed. Please email us at
Visa issuance can take up to a month, and it is highly recommended that students who need a visa complete their registration at SNU as early as possible.