Fees and Payment

2021 SNU Online ISP Program Fees

All fees can be paid in either Korean won (KRW) or US dollar (USD) via wire-transfer.
Mandatory Fees
Application Fee KRW 120,000 (USD 100)*Non-refundable
Tuition Fee

KRW 900,000 (USD 810)
1 Course (3 Credits)

KRW 1,700,000 (USD 1,530)
2 Courses (6 Credits)

KRW 2,400,000 (USD 2,160)
3 Courses (9 Credits)

Optional Fees
On-campus Housing (SNU Dormitory) Not available for Online ISP
Virtual Exchange Activities Free of charge

Payment Method

Program fee payment deadline for 2021 SNU Online ISP is May 28, 2021.
  1. Application Fee (KRW 120,000 or USD 100) must be paid after you file an online application. Payment notice will be sent to the applicants who completed the online application and submission of all required documents. Please note that a complete application with its application fee paid will be deemed successful application.
  2. After you complete course registration, tuition fee invoice will be e-mailed.
  3. SNU ISP accepts payment of program fees via bank wire-transfer ONLY.
  4. All bank transaction fees and charges should be fully covered by the student. (Any deficit from program fees will be respectively charged.)

SNU ISP Refund Policy

To withdraw from the SNU ISP and request for a refund of tuition, students must send a written notice to the SNU ISP. SNU ISP will process the refund in accordance with the SNU ISP refund policy outlined below, and the refund rate will be decided by the date that a complete, official written request for refund is received.
Fee Type Refund Request by Refund Rate
Application Fee Non-refundable
Tuition Fee Until 28 May (Korean Standard Time) 100%
29 May – 2nd day of your class (Korean Standard Time) 50%
Afterwards 0%
Housing Fee Not available for Online ISP -
Virtual Exchange Activities Free of Charge -