Credit & Evaluation

Credit Transfer

All SNU ISP courses are regular, curricular subjects, which give academic credits upon completion of the course. All ISP courses carry 2 or 3 Korean credits, where 1 credit is given for every 15 hours (or more) of lectures per semester.
Most universities allow credit transfer of courses taken at overseas universities, but prospective students must check with their department or academic adviser before registering at SNU ISP to see if the credits of the course you wish to take can be acknowledged by your home university.

Academic Policy


As SNU ISP is an intensive 6 week program, class attendance takes a very important part in evaluation for the course. Students who are absent without prior notice or excuse for more than three classes can be given an "F" grade for the course. Absence for more than three classes is discouraged, even if prior notice was given. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from attending classes, you must inform the professor prior to class. In case of health problems, students should inform the professor as early as possible and later submit a doctor's note to the professor. Students facing difficulties in acquiring documents validating the reason for absence (due to language barrier, etc.) should contact SNU ISP staff immediately for assistance.


SNU ISP has a ZERO tolerance policy for plagiarism. Plagiarism is a grave academic offence. A first offence will result in a mark of zero on the assignment; a second offence will result in failure of the course.

Grading System

To see how letter grades received for SNU ISP courses transfer into numerical grades, see SNU Grading System.


SNU ISP sends out one copy of transcript via express post to the mailing address or e-mail designated by each student after one month from the completion of the program. Afterwards, former ISP students may request for additional transcripts online.