Application Procedure


International students who are currently attending overseas universities for undergraduate or graduate degree programs are eligible for SNU Online ISP.

Please note that current high school students are not eligible for Online ISP.

Online Application Procedure

Step 1. Prepare for Required Documents

Applicants are required to submit the following documents when applying for SNU ISP.

Document Requirement How to Submit
Profile Photo Must clearly show your front face (in a jpeg or jpg format) Attach the photo in the online application
Passport Upload a copy of the information page of your passport in the online application
Official Academic Transcript Must show your current university and major information Upload a scanned copy in the online application
Proof of eligibility for scholarships Required only for those who are eligible for Other Scholarships Upload a scanned copy in the online application
Medical documents Required only for those who apply for on-campus housing: *Not available for Online ISP
SNU Health Form filled and signed by a medical clinic based on your medical records, that shows,
  • that you received at least two(2) MMR or MR shots received after 12 months from birth OR a positive result for lgG antibody based on recent antibody test
  • that you do not have tuberculosis based on either a chest x-ray or PPD test
Upload a scanned copy in the online application and bring the original documents with you when you arrive at SNU
*Insufficient records lead to disqualification for on-campus housing.

Step 2. File an Online Application

  1. Go to Online Application (Non-SNU Students).
  2. You will be asked to create a log-in account and consent to privacy policy. Enter your e-mail address as ID, which will be used as the main contact information of yours during SNU ISP.
  3. If you need more time to complete the online application, you can always "save" and return later to complete and submit the application. The option to "save" is at the bottom of the online application. You can log into the online application again by using the log-in account.
  4. Don't forget - Your application is submitted properly only after you click "submit" at the bottom of the online application.

For Online ISP, we do not provide on-campus housing and field trips.

Step 3. Pay for the Application Fee

  1. After you submit a complete online application, SNU ISP will review your application and e-mail an invoice for application fee (KRW 120,000 or USD 100) and bank account information. SNU ISP accepts payment of program fees via bank wire-transfer ONLY.
  2. For early bird applications, if you fail to make payment of application fees by the early bird deadline, the early bird benefits will not apply.
  3. You will be given an official admission letter and course registration instruction through e-mail after SNU ISP checks the payment details.

For Online ISP, we do not assist with visa acquisition, and we do not provide a Certificate of Admission (CoA).

* Follow our guidance!

  1. International students must file an online application, submit required documents, and pay for application fee (KRW 120,000 or USD 100) to enroll in SNU.
    You are now here! See Registration for the next steps.
  2. Register for courses. (Detailed instruction will be given through e-mail.)
  3. Upon completion of course registration, tuition invoice will be e-mailed.
  4. Upon completion of tuition payment, your course registration will be finalized.

Course registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and those who complete all four steps above will be registered first.