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Here's the policy about Certificate and Transcript

1) Certificate

* You can get your hard copy of it on Closing Ceremony or visiting OIA.

* We don't give the hard copies of it via postal.

2) Transcript

* SNU have the web-page that students from foreign University can issue it.

* You might apply for hard copies of it via the web-page later.

**About Error Pop-Up

Please try it the way below.

A pop-up screen may pop up, and in this case, press the 2 blue download buttons.
Blue buttons will install the required software (Security Program and OZ Viewer). 

**Application Method
- Mysnu → 'academic affairs' →  ‘Get Certificates’ → ‘Get Online’(Application for Internet Postal Service if required)→ Select options → Print(Unable to save PDF)

Wish you had a wonderful days in Seoul :)