Last Field Trip to Mud Festival (July 22nd, 2022)

페이지 정보

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SNU ISP will be taking the last Friday field trip to the Mud Festival Tour on Friday, July 22nd, 2022. Yay!

The buses will be leaving the school at 9:00am sharp and will be returning around 19:00pm. 

It will be important that students arrive at school on time and do not have appointments between those times.

The bus drive takes for 90~120 minutes!

Also...This week's trip is special!

Please keep in mind the checklist below.

1) Clothes, underwear, swimsuits, etc. to be sacrificed to mud :)

2) Shower supplies and towels

3) an extra mask

4) Refrain from carrying valuables (not recoverable)

5) Protect your skin with a hat, sunglasses, or sunscreen!

6) Touchable cell phone waterproof pack(if necessary)

No reservation required only for those who have paid 2022 ISP field trip fees in advance.
Just come and join outside of the Office of International Affairs, Building 152 near SNU main gate on 

July 22nd, Friday at 09:00 AM.

Can't wait to see you soaked up.

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