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※ 서울대학교 본교생 대상 수강신청 절차 및 수강편람(교과목번호, 개설대학 포함)는 본 게시판 및 마이스누 포털-학생공지에 추후 업데이트될 예정입니다. 

(For current SNU students, detailed course registration instruction will be given through this notice and mySNU portal later.)

※ 강의계획서는 계속 업데이트 될 수 있으며, 이 경우 본 게시물 하단에 히스토리 형식으로 게시 예정

(Syllabus may continue to be updated, and the updated course will be posted at the bottom of this post.)

※ Class Room info:  Building number+ room number 

ex) 501-203 means Bl. 501+room 203(second floor)

2022 SNU ISP List of Courses

▶ What is new about 2022 ISP Courses? 

  • All courses and activities are held offline.

         (※Depending on the COVID-19 situation, it can be switched to online lectures.)

  • 11 ISP-exclusive elective courses  and 9 ISP Global Practice and Field Learning(elective) courses taught by SNU's full-time faculty
  • 14 regular major courses that are normally part of SNU's regular semester curriculum will be taught by academically rigorous scholars at overseas universities.
  • Lectures will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and the timetable of the courses will be provided soon.

 Course Registration Procedure

  • Students can take up to 3 courses that do not overlap in time.
  • Each course has a varying registration quota and course registration will be executed on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Online course registration will be open to applicants, through mySNU ( International applicants must in advance complete online application and acquire SNU student number to access the system.
  • Some courses (11 ISP-exclusive elective courses + 9 Field Learning courses) are prioritized to international applicants, whose registration is available throughout the application period, from January to May 27. To those who complete online application, SNU will send an e-mail guide for registration instruction.

▶ List of 2022 ISP Courses

   - Please check the attached file.(The blank will be added.)

   - According to the course registration results, course cancellation decision was made.


▣  UPDATE History 

   1. (updated as of 21 February) the latest 2022 SNU ISP Course List updated(ALSO Syllabus)

    ○ Most classes get their "timetable"(Please figure out on attached files.)

    ○ Some classes change their names of lecture

        (Climate Change and Global Food Security, Practical Data Science Problem Solving)

    ○ 2 Lectures are not be able to proceed(Two classes marked as TBA classes)

    ○ Korean & Art Classes Released!

     ※ The class plan can be changed and proportion of online lectures included in each lecture may vary.

   2. (updated as of 23 February)

      ○ Irregular timetable update

         'Emerging Contaminants and Exposome' Class Timetable​(You can check it on the notice page.)

    3. (updated as of 11 March)

       ○ Regular timetables Updated

       The latest updated Silabus and lecture schedule.(Attached)

          - Changing the timetable for a few classes.

           - 2 Credits Classes can be given for less time.

          - Multi-Disciplinary Design for Urban Air Mobility course and

            Principles of Data Science from Statistical Point of View course are closed.


 4. (updated as of 16 March

      ○ Irregular timetable updated

          - Dynamic Project Management & Control'(You can check it on the notice list.)

           - 'Pandemic Crisis and Global Health Policy'(You can check it on the notice list.)

          - 'Understanding Global Competitiveness of Korean Companies'(9:30~12:30)

          - 'Understanding Platform Businesses'(Class 1~3: 2(Afternoon class) / Class 4~15: 1(Morning class))

               ※ Class 1~3, 13~15 -> Offline/ Class 4 ~12 -> Online​

 5. (updated as of 21 March

      ○ Lectures with 2 credits(2+ hours lecture) information updated

          1) Korean Language(14~16)

                 - Intermediate ~ Advanced classes will be offered.

                 - The level test will be held on the Class 1, and all levels of classes will be held at the same time.           

           2) Korean Art and Asian Painting

               - 2 different lectures will be held between 14:00-16:00 P.M. and 17:00-19:00 P.M.

               - The two lectures differ only in time and may exceed 2 hours due to the nature of the practice.

          3) Korean Art and Ceramics

                - This lecture will be held at 15:00~18:00 PM.

  6. (updated as of 22 March

      ○ 'Topics in Industrial Engineering' information updated

          1) Class 7~15 will be held online(including the recorded lecture).

  7. (updated as of 14 April

      ○ 'Climate Change and Global Food Security' information updated

          1) Class type: 1

          2) Class 1~8, 12~15 will be held online.

        ○ 'Practical Data Science Problem Solving' information updated

          1) Class type: 1

          2) Almost every class will be held online.(May include corporate fieldwork)

                   ※ 'Field Training lectures(Track 3)' are totally different from 'field trip(Non-payment of credits/optional/Korean culture experience)'        

         ○ Korean Art and Ceramics' class time adjustment

          1) Class type: 2(14~16)

          ○ Understanding of Korean Traditional Metalcraft' class time adjustment

          1) Class type: 3(16~18)

8. (updated as of 22 April

       ○ Module Numbers of All Courses are updated(attached Course List)

      ○ Quota Increased: ​'K-Democracy in Action' ; 30 -> 50

      ○ Syillabus updated

          - Functional Ceramics for Renewable Energy, Selected Topics Seminar 3


9. (updated as of 4 May

       ○ Module Number of Practical Data Science Problem Solving Changed.

      ○ Some classes may not be available on the survey because the quota is exceeded.
         - Thank you very much for your interest!

10. (updated as of 12 May

       ○ Subtitle of Seminars in Systems Neuroscience I is added.

         - Module Number(same as before): M1426.002700(SubNo.: 008)

      ○ Some  MORE classes may not be available on the survey because the quota is exceeded.

11. (updated as of 30 May

      ○ Syllabus modified: Topics in Industrial Engineering

        - Please check in the attached PDF in ZIP file(22.5.30.ver syllabus).

12. (updated as of 7 June

      ○ Syllabus modified: Climate Change and Global Food Security

        - Please check in the attached PDF in ZIP file(22.6.7.ver syllabus).

13. (updated as of 23 June

      ○ Syllabus Updated

        - Practical Data Science Problem Solving

        - Introduction to Computer Science

      - Please check in the attached PDF in ZIP file(22.6.23.ver syllabus).

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