Feature 3. Virtual Connectedness

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SNU Online ISP features: Virtual Connectedness

2021 SNU Online ISP arrange virtual student exchange activities between all students. Participation is optional and free of charge.

Unlike previous ISP, this year, all courses and activities will be held online and more SNU students will join the program than usual. Students at different locations will take courses together and we wanted to raise connectedness between each other! We thus have decided that instead of online transition of traditional field trips, we would rather arrange new virtual student exchange activities, such as buddy match, language/culture exchange, and group events. 

The complete programme will be announced HERE in May, as we would like to see the number and population of ISP enrolled students by the end of May and make it inclusive and accessible to everyone. Registration will then be open in early June to students who complete ISP course registration. Beforehand, if you have any suggestions that we may try, please feel free to contact us through!

International Summer Program (ISP) - Study together with SNU students, no matter where you are! 

Office of International Affairs, Seoul National University  (QS Top 50 Universities in the World)