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SNU Online ISP features: Courses for All Levels 

2021 SNU Online ISP's course offerings feature "10 ISP-exclusive elective courses from our traditional summer offerings" and "13 regular major courses for advanced level students". 

The 10 elective courses are in principle designed for undergraduates and have been taught by SNU full-time professors in the previous years (except for a few newly offered courses, including ​Pandemic Crisis and Global Health Policy​). We recommend these courses to SNU freshmen and new international students, and any international students who are interested in Korean and East Asian subjects. 

Course timetable, syllabus, and registration is currently open to international applicants. SNU students can register for the remaining courses from May 13.

The 13 new regular major courses are normally part of SNU's regular curriculum in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. These will be taught by SNU's guest faculty members who are invited by each college and department. We recommend these courses to any UG 3-4 years and postgraduate students.

Course timetable and syllabus will be updated by the first week of May and registration will start on May 13 for both SNU and international applicants. International applicants are advised to complete the ISP application beforehand and for any assistance, please contact

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